Developing investment opportunities in prime European real estate

Investing in prime European real estate has a unique combination of benefits to offer: currency diversification, stability, rental income, capital growth, personal use  – even the gateway to European citizenship.

But for many  investors, and especially for those based in other parts of the world, the barrier to entry in terms of selecting the right property, financing and managing your asset, and successfully navigating a reef of foreign property ownership laws may seem daunting.

Unless you have an experienced guide to help you reach your investment destination!

Off-plan opportunities in Lisbon
offer outstanding ROI

Leading South African property developer and founder of Neworld, John Rabie, has over four decades of successful development behind him, and is particularly known for the outstanding ROI he has created for off-plan buyers in his large-scale mixed-use projects in Cape Town.

His current developments in Lisbon, Portugal, in joint venture with the Swiss-based RE Capital, have all the hallmarks of similar success: meticulously selected locations; great lifestyle design to meet the needs of the residential, commercial and hospitality markets; superb architecture and interior design; and immaculate construction and finishing.

To assist in the off-plan acquisition of prime real estate in Portugal’s in-demand capital city, and to enable investors to take advantage of the popular Golden Visa residency programme, leading to European Union citizenship, Neworld has assembled a best-of-breed team of legal, tax and finance advisers.

We have also made a certain number of apartments eligible for a managed rental pool system, in terms of which we will furnish and manage owners’ apartments and guarantee a minimum return on their investments for a fixed period of time.

“The continued influx of institutional and private investment funds into prime Lisbon property more than justifies the city’s reputation as the rising star of European real estate.”

John Rabie,
Founder of Neworld