Bradley Parker: Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Bradley Parker started his career in the property industry in South Africa in 2007.  Most of his early career was spent in Cape Town but he also worked in Johannesburg on the Melrose Arch precinct for two years between 2008 & 2010.

Bradley joined the Signatura team in 2012 and was involved in all stages of project development, from inception to completion. A major focus was on building good relationships with all team players from professionals, builders, council officials and clients, as well as developing processes, and mentoring the project management team.

Bradley was involved in driving the delivery process of all Signatura developments, between 2012 and 2018, where  Signatura completed over 27 Projects and we sold in excess of R3 billion worth of property. Included in these projects are The Onyx, WEX1, The Signature, to name a few.

Early in 2019, Bradley was involved in the formation of Neworld in Lisbon, Portugal. Bradley and his wife relocated from Cape Town to Lisbon later that year, where he has been  permanently based for the last 18 months.

“The last year has been all about building new relationships and making sure that we successfully deliver the projects that we have embarked on in Lisbon. We believe that property must be managed directly on the ground and our approach is and always will be very ‘hands-on.’

“There are many similarities between South Africa and Portugal in the property game, but there are obviously new challenges as well. I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed these challenges and my wife and I have loved living in Lisbon, which we now call home.”

Bradley is responsible for general management of Neworld and for the overall project management of all Neworld developments in Portugal.